Monday, November 16, 2009

Bathing Nevada

Nevada hears the dreaded "B" word and races into hiding. She figures if she can't see us - we can't see her.

Hiding didn't work - so she tries out her very most pathetic and beaten look. Adding a little shivering and shaking into the mix to try and guilt us out of her bath. Add a little limp noodle and top it off with a rigid ball to be truly pathetic.

But nothing workes - Dale gets her cornered and collars her. She is absolutely horrified by this indignity.

NO NO NO - Please don't take me - don't bath me - HELP HELP HELP
For heaven's sake - somebody help and get that idiot with the camera away from me!!!

Nevada is absolutely beaten, all her tricks have failed her and she is led away to the tub for the dreaded BATH.
But she was rewarded afterward with a lovely run on the beach.

Anyone looking at this and not knowing our Nevada would think we beat her on a daily basis, when in reality she is probably the world's most spoiled dog.
She is currently stretched out in front of the fireplace with Dale tossing her treats whenever she raises her head!
My - how boring life would be without Nevada.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I have spent the past few days playing catch up. Being hospitalized, even overnight, plays havoc with schedules. But I think I have finally caught up and am back on track now.

I finished these Christmas Stockings on Thursday and am very pleased with the results. The fabric and an old Christmas stocking to use for a pattern, was supplied by the client and I was simply told to "play with the fabric" and see what happened. Which I did. For the girls I added bits of antique lace, for the boys I made piping of contrasting fabrics.

The same client also came up with some favourite fabric of her daughters and asked me to make a couple of cushions out of the fabric. Again I was quite pleased with the results.

I had enough fabric to make 2 cushions - one is 14" square and the other 20" square. They should make a colourful addition to her daughters bedroom - a southern gal born into Canadian winters. Hopefully these cushions will warm her up in the cold months to come!!!!