Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'll Be Away for a Couple of Days

I am off to London, ON. tomorrow to visit my sweet, little Granddaughter. And my son of course! *S*
I can hardly wait to load up the van and head out. 2 days is not enough, but all I can manage right now. And besides, Saige will be down to spend a couple of days with Grammy and Grampy in April. I can hardly wait. I just hope the weather will cooperate so we can get outside and do some fun things! Like hike Geddes Park, have a picnic at the beach, go to the playground, visit Nana and Papa, and Aunty Sue etc. etc.
So I'll be back on Monday night - see you all then.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Custom Order for Etsy

Another Custom Order for My Etsy Shop

I seem to be having a run on custom orders for bibs. This order was requested to be finished with ties rather than velcro buttons. It takes more time to finish one of these but I think the results were worth it.
The top layer of the bibs is made of vintage chenille. The backs are cozy, cotton, flannel. They are lined
with Warm and Natural.
The first pics are of the front of the bibs, the second is showing the flannel backing on the bibs. Rather than tying in a bow at the back, I've made them to simply tie in a double knot. The fabric is thick enough to make them easy to undo.

These bibs are easy care - simply machine wash/dry.
I hope Sue's Grandchildren enjoy these bibs. I had a lot of fun figuring them out and making them. I always have fun choosing fabrics to go together. Hope the recipient enjoys them!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blizzard March 25th, 2008

Wow - yesterday morning we got up to a gray day. By 8 AM it was getting windy. By 9 AM we were in the midst of a full scale blizzard.

Here are some photo's of our yard. The one of our side gate/entrance I have as a spring picture elsewhere in my blog.
This morning we got up and it was a gorgeous day. Sunny and temperatures were rising fast. Some of this snow is already gone. Now we hope for a few more days of this lovely weather to melt off the rest of the snow hanging around in our yard.
Today, I made the half hour trip to a Mennonite Fabric Shop. Normally I love this trip. I got a half mile down one road only to find it blocked with snow at the other end. With no way to turn around, I had to back my van the full distance back to the County Rd and find another way around to the shop. Traveling over gravel roads made soggy with snow melt, my van almost bogged down on me a couple of times. I ran the gamut of potholes and absolute ditches in my choice of roads but finally made it. Sigh of relief.
I made this trip for my sister - thanks Sue! - who requested some bibs and things for her Grandbaby, to keep at her house so her daughter doesn't have to haul them all the way home when she comes to visit. And to have when her expected Grandchild arrives this summer! Since this shop is only open a couple of days per week, I didn't have much choice in days to travel!
The shop is in an old machine shed, heated by a wood stove and attended by friendly, helpful folk. But good heavens - fabric?? This little Mennonite shop could put Fabricland ( Canadian ) or Joann's ( US ) to shame for the amount and choice of fabric they keep on hand. And their prices cannot be beat anywhere. I came home with 2 yards of extra wide Warm and Natural, about 6 yards of flannel, 2 yards of 100% cotton, and another couple of yards of broadcloth for less than $50. I could spend hours there. They do not have hydro, so every fabric must be carried to one of the few stingy windows to get a true colour, so your visit to this shop is always an adventure. *S*

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Sunday To All

It is a beautiful Easter Sunday here in our little lakeside town in Ontario. The sun is shining - my my Granddaughter calls a "Shiny Day" - and the temperatures are below average, but bearable. The dogs are hot to trot and ready for their walk. I have almost a full days work finished up and it is not yet noon. I have the rest of the day to relax and dream of spring and warm weather and wonderful green grass, green leaves, green plants - can you tell I love the colour green and the warm weather and that spring is my favourite season? *S*
Just to keep us in the mood - here are some garden pics from my yard.
The first picture is of the entrance to our side yard. The arbour was a Mother's Day gift from my sons, the ladder an antique given us by Dale's Father, the bird bath a gift from my own Father.
This second picture is of our back yard - the stone path leading back to the kitchen. I put a lot of hours into that flagstone pathway and although not "quite" level, I am quite proud of it. *VBG*
I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Favourite Photo

I promised myself that when I began this blog that I would update it a couple of times a week. I have fallen behind and will now attempt to play catchup!
This is another favourite photo of mine. It was taken by photographer Derek Pantling, featuring Liz and the wonderful woodlands near their home.
To check out more of Derek's work - go to

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Bonnets for ON Cottage Way

Here are a few new bonnets. Madison is modeling a bonnet and slippers that she took home with her - her modeling fee! *VBG*

Here is another Red, White and Blue, bonnet - with an abstract Stars and Stripes pattern - and a length of eyelet lace trimming the front of it. it is reversible with a solid blue on the other side.

And my Paw Print bonnet - white paws on a black background. The coordinating fabric is a black polka dot on a white background. This too, is reversible with alternating patterns on the other side.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Dog Support Sling

Here is a doggie support sling I developed a few years ago when one of our dogs, a Weimaraner, met with an unfortunate accident and ended up with several breaks in his pelvis. He needed "rear end help" for several weeks to negotiate. I didn't need a sling again for a few years, then our old gal Sophie (Weimaraner ) started having "rear end issues". She has problems with some discs in her back and one day last summer, when out for a run at a friends farm, she went down on me and she had lost all use of her hind end. Within minutes I had her on her feet and had to use her leash for a sling to get her back to the van. That time she quickly regained the use of her hind end, but it could happen again anytime. However the leash I used as a sling, could NOT have been comfortable for our dear girl. The minute she had been vet checked I came home and made up another sling. I have since made more - one for a friend's dog with spinal issues and more recently I made a couple for our local vet clinic for them to use on dogs in the clinic that needed help.
They are very easy to use - just sling them under the tummy to help support the hind end and walk beside the dog as they move around - whether around the house or out for a potty break. You can keep one hand on the sling and the other on the leash. Pretty easy! They are soft and comfy, made of 4 layers of flannel and a layer of quilt batting. The handles are made the same way. I have just posted one of these slings on my Etsy site.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baby Slippers

Here is another new item - for me at least. Baby slippers. The pattern I used to make these are by greenjelly - another Etsy shop. I altered the pattern slightly to suit myself and my Great Neice. These are fun to make, can be made from bits and pieces of fabric and are totally machine wash/dry. I have used mainly cotton, but also some vintage fabrics on some of them. If you would like to see more - check them out soon on my Etsy shop.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

New Spring Bonnets

I am still busy making new spring bonnets for the little ones. Most of them, so far are designed for baby girls, but I have finally come across some fabric and designs that are more suitable for baby boys.

This one is made of a great pink camo with a heart band and lining, and eyelet lace. Looks great on my little Great Niece, Madison!

This is one big frilly bonnet. But will provide tons of shade on that little face come summer. The frills are made of a paisley printed cotton with a sage green head piece and coordinating pink bow. It is lined with the same pink as the bow. Again Little Miss Madison is the model.

This is the only one I have made yet that would be suitable for either a boy or girl. I think it looks great on Madison! But would be equally great on a baby boy! It is cotton red, white and blue, stars and strips, lined with a coordinating red.
One of my favourites!

Look for these and my other bonnets and booties soon on my Etsy shop