Monday, November 24, 2008

ON Cottage Way is having a Pre-Christmas Sale
Here is my shop announcement

Hello and Welcome to my shop!
20% Off & FREE Shipping
From Mon. Nov. 24th to Sun. Nov. 30
ON Cottage Way is having a sale.
♥Everything in the shop is 20% off
♥even the already reduced items in my "SALE" section
♥AND Free Shipping.
So please - come on in and browse for a bit.

In order to receive your discount - Your Choice

Option 1: you could purchase the item as is and I will then refund your discount and shipping.

Option 2: email me in advance of your purchase and I will reserve that listing for you and adjust the price and shipping before notifying you that it is ready for payment.

Happy Shopping!


ON Cottage Way was created many years ago from my love of sewing and crafting. I spend most of my time on children's items, with the occasional deviation into other venues.
Custom orders and special requests are welcome.
For information on shipping, returns, environment, and more on myself and my items, please visit my Profile or contact me via Conv with questions, ccncerns or comments.
Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope you come by to browse often.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Venture Into Vintage

Every once in a while I venture into vintage, if not antique items. I especially have a fascination with vintage textiles and linens. This one in particular caught my eye. Tis the season and all.
It is a plain red cotton cloth with 8 replicas of the the candles/balls/ribbons and snowflakes all hand stitched or embroidered. Wow - what a ton of work was involved in the making of this. Having done my share of needlework I truly appreciate such items. However, finances intrude and I found myself wistfully listing this in my Etsy shop under Vintage.

I found this little gem in the same place as the Christmas one above - in almost pristine condition - it brings so many memories of my Grandparents - I remember my Grandmother having a tablecloth almost identical to this one.

And this last one - my Mom had the identical table cloth but in orange, browns and yellows rather than the green. Almost a Thanksgiving theme to this one but is suitable year round - at least my Mom used hers year round!
You can find these tablecloths in my Etsy shop at

I am a true vintage junkie, haunting rummage sales, thrift shops, yard sales, bazaars and auction sales. Often coming home empty handed but often enough I find some treasure I can't do without. Sometimes vintage fabrics and textiles, if not in great condition, find themselves recycled into some of my creations. I use cutter quilts for teddy bears, tote bags, coasters - you name it. Old chenille is a special favourite - and cutter pieces I use as linings in my totes, lining in baby bonnets, backing on baby blankets, again - teddy bears - whatever I can find to put it to a new and good use. In the picture below you can see one of my old quilt teddies. old quilt squares and bits of fabric, made into a baby size quilt, a rag doll made of scrips and scraps and if you look closely at the right hand side you'll see a primitive bunny made of recycled fuzzy fabric.