Monday, November 24, 2008

ON Cottage Way is having a Pre-Christmas Sale
Here is my shop announcement

Hello and Welcome to my shop!
20% Off & FREE Shipping
From Mon. Nov. 24th to Sun. Nov. 30
ON Cottage Way is having a sale.
♥Everything in the shop is 20% off
♥even the already reduced items in my "SALE" section
♥AND Free Shipping.
So please - come on in and browse for a bit.

In order to receive your discount - Your Choice

Option 1: you could purchase the item as is and I will then refund your discount and shipping.

Option 2: email me in advance of your purchase and I will reserve that listing for you and adjust the price and shipping before notifying you that it is ready for payment.

Happy Shopping!


ON Cottage Way was created many years ago from my love of sewing and crafting. I spend most of my time on children's items, with the occasional deviation into other venues.
Custom orders and special requests are welcome.
For information on shipping, returns, environment, and more on myself and my items, please visit my Profile or contact me via Conv with questions, ccncerns or comments.
Thanks so much for dropping by and I hope you come by to browse often.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Venture Into Vintage

Every once in a while I venture into vintage, if not antique items. I especially have a fascination with vintage textiles and linens. This one in particular caught my eye. Tis the season and all.
It is a plain red cotton cloth with 8 replicas of the the candles/balls/ribbons and snowflakes all hand stitched or embroidered. Wow - what a ton of work was involved in the making of this. Having done my share of needlework I truly appreciate such items. However, finances intrude and I found myself wistfully listing this in my Etsy shop under Vintage.

I found this little gem in the same place as the Christmas one above - in almost pristine condition - it brings so many memories of my Grandparents - I remember my Grandmother having a tablecloth almost identical to this one.

And this last one - my Mom had the identical table cloth but in orange, browns and yellows rather than the green. Almost a Thanksgiving theme to this one but is suitable year round - at least my Mom used hers year round!
You can find these tablecloths in my Etsy shop at

I am a true vintage junkie, haunting rummage sales, thrift shops, yard sales, bazaars and auction sales. Often coming home empty handed but often enough I find some treasure I can't do without. Sometimes vintage fabrics and textiles, if not in great condition, find themselves recycled into some of my creations. I use cutter quilts for teddy bears, tote bags, coasters - you name it. Old chenille is a special favourite - and cutter pieces I use as linings in my totes, lining in baby bonnets, backing on baby blankets, again - teddy bears - whatever I can find to put it to a new and good use. In the picture below you can see one of my old quilt teddies. old quilt squares and bits of fabric, made into a baby size quilt, a rag doll made of scrips and scraps and if you look closely at the right hand side you'll see a primitive bunny made of recycled fuzzy fabric.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Fun in the Sun

Here is my sweet little model at work on the playground
in a tiny tot swing - and of course wearing one of
my bonnets

A very feminine little sunbonnet for your little girl. Pastel pinks
with touches of other colours for interest.

Another new bonnet with a solid brim - lots of brim to
keep the sun from baby's face.

Check out my Etsy site at
for more new items.

Monday, October 6, 2008

A BOGO Sale of Monstrous Proportions

BOGO Me Baby!!

Friday October 24th and Saturday October 25th be a part of a massive Etsy Street Team event. An EtsyKids BOGO sale of monstrous proportions!! With over 175 EtsyKids’ shops participating you’ll be sure to find huge deals on what you need this holiday season for children big and small.

Get your shopping list ready today and beat the crowd by previewing the entire list of EtsyKids shops taking part in this colossal sale:

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*Sale/sale items vary per shop, please read individual shop announcements before purchasing

Thursday, September 25, 2008

New on Etsy

Finally - I am getting caught up. I have new things listed on Etsy - a ton of things. Many, many new bonnets, some crocheted hats I have been experimenting with and I've re-taken many photos so that the items are easier to see.
This first pic is of a child wearing one of my bonnets and one of my chenille dresses. I love this pic.

This is one of the styles of new crocheted baby hats I've been experimenting with - a bucket hat - not a very attractive name for it - but there you go. I really did like the results. *S*

And one of my bonnets - I have a whole raft of new ones and tons of new fabric to play with!

Find me at

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Sweet Sophie

CH. Styrlingsanz Chanting the Dawn CD. CGC. TDI
June 13, 1997 to September 3, 2008

On Wednesday September 3, 2008 we lost our sweet Sophie.

When we got up that morning, we found she did not have have the use of any of her legs. The diagnosis was a problem with a disc in her neck. We and our vet worked with her throughout the day but nothing was going to get our sweet girl back on her feet. We made the decision to help her on her way to the Bridge late that afternoon.

For those that do not know our Sophie, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in June of 2002. At that time she had a baseball sized tumour removed from the outside wall of her tummy AND 2/3rds of her stomach removed as well.
So after months of diagnostic tests, 2 major invasive surgeries, we finally received a diagnosis of "We're sorry, but the best we can offer you is 10 to 12 months with Sophie - her diagnosis is terminal Gastric Scirrhous Adeno Carcinoma." There were no treatment options.

My vet and I researched cancer diets and converted one that we thought would work for Sophie. With this home cooked diet and supplements, we gained not just the 10 months with her, but 6 more years.

She had other problems over the years, surviving cancer one more time when a mast cell took off and hepatitis, among miriad other doggie ailments.

This last about did us in. Waking and finding her so helpless, seeing her so upset and anxious and confused, trying so hard to get on her feet and being unable to, with the help of our vet - a lifelong friend of Sopie's and a dear friend to us as well, we made that final decision.

In one three day show in Owen Sound, when Sophie was just 2 years old, she earned 9 points toward her Canadian Championship and her 3 legs to give her the CD ( Companion Dog Obedience Title). This is hard on a dog, to change venues mid-stride and change focus and concentration. Sophie just did what needed to be done, with her usual grace, determination and desire to please. What a grand girl. She earned that final point to give her the CH. title a few months later in London - the very next show she attended.
A couple of years later, she also earned - on her first try, her CGC - Canine Good Citizen and her TDI - Therapy Dog International Titles. Sophie raised 2 wonderful litters of pups and was a superb Mother. The dog on the right hand side of the blog - Hoss - is one of her sons.
Sophie had more strength and determination, more heart and soul than anyone or anydog I have ever known. It was such a pleasure having her in our lives. Gentle journey Sweet Sophia.
You will live on in our hearts.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wyatt and Tina's First Home

Well - a week ago today, Wyatt took possession of his first home, great little Victorian on almost 2 acres. halfway between Kincardine and Port Elgin. A short shot down to work for Wyatt and for Tina less than 15 minutes to Port Elgin to work.

They've had their hands full in the past week, moving, grass cutting, weed whacking, unpacking and of course figuring out the idiocyncrasies of old farmhouses - of which there are many. I should know - I've lived in enough of them!

I'll add one inside picture - just to show what a sweet little gem this house really is. All open concept - unusual in a home of this age, original hardwood floors and lots of windows to let in that bright natural light. Welcome home Wyatt and Tina!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My New Walkway

I finally - after 4 years - got my flagstone walkway finished. My boys were both home last weekend and since I had recently acquired a pile of flagstone, decided to finish my walkway for me. I am absolutely thrilled!

The beginning!!!
This first pic is of Wade and Wyatt trying to find the easiest way to adjoin the old sidewalk to the new one - there was a bit of a dip and caused a wee bit of consternation!

Here is Wyatt fitting the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle. Good job.
Wyatt is my "heat seeker" and can work through any sort of heat and humidity.

Here is Wade - my "Non Heat Seeker" trying to find a tiny patch of shade and fitting in one of the final filler pieces. I think the heat and humidity was getting to him!

And here is Tina - Wyatt's significant other - she apears to be acting in a supervisory capacity!
Me - I was relaxing on the deck with a cold drink, occasionally tossing in tidbits of what I thought the sidewalk should look like - although I mostly just left them to it - I was so happy just to be getting it done. Thanks guys - great job. Love you both.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

American Weimaraner Nationals 2008

I've had a very busy couple of weeks and have not had time to update my blog ........So here we go. At the end of May a friend and I travelled to the U.S. Weimaraner Nationals in Warwick, Rhode Island.
We arrived a day early and did the "tourist" thing, driving to Providence for the day. Our GPS was NOT in a great mood that day and took us on several journeys that turned out to be very interesting. I am sure we saw parts of that town that otherwise we would never have seen! *S* This is a view of the harbour at Fort Adams.

We spent the week watching the dog show, obedience and agility In this picture is Cooper - our Nevada's sire being shown in Veterans where he placed 2nd. He is such a great dog and very accomplished. I know this is not up to date but his registered name, including titles is:
BIS UCH, Am/Can/Int CH
Grauschattens Ghostly Encore, Am/Can CD, Am CDX, RN, NA, NAJ, MH, SDX, RDX, VX3, CGC, TDI, TT

Cooper is 8 years young now and still strutting his stuff like a youngster.

Here we have Cooper in an Agility run with owner/handler Mary Beth Hall. During this week long show, Cooper took High in Trial in the Weimaraner only trial and the very next day took High Weimaraner in trial in an All Breed Trial. For a veteran that guy can really move!

We had a great week, a great holiday, met up with old friends and acquaintances, met new friends and
generally had a wonderful time.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Nevada and Caleb

Miss Nevada is a real cuddle bug - nothing she loves more than curling up beside someone, anyone. She doesn't care who it is as long as they'll have her. One of her favourite people to curl up with is my Grandson Caleb. Here are the two of them relaxing on the chesterfield, watching a movie.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

New Sun Bonnets for ON Cottage Way

New Sun Bonnets for ON Cottage Way

I've made the brim on the baby girl bonnets with a ruffle - the baby boy bonnets are made with a smooth flat brim.
I love making the bonnets - matching up different colours, fabrics and patterns. Look for these and more on my Etsy site - ON Cottage Way.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Ball Hockey Tryouts for Team Canada

My son had the exciting experience of trying out for Team Canada's Ball Hockey Team. This year the World Championships are in the Czech Republic. He hasn't heard yet whether or not he made the team but figures not. But he was asked to attend the training camp, was in the top half for fitness and scored 2 goals and 3 assists over the weekend. Whether he makes it or not, the opportunity was welcomed and exciting.
Here a couple of pics of my son and his daughter who managed to watch her Daddy playing that weekend.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

New Stuff

I have a bonnet here that is reserved. Made for a little boy - tried very hard to make it as masculine as possible - maybe you can judge it for me?? It is made of sage green cotton on one side and gingham type check on the other.

And I have been crocheting again and came up with a little hat for a baby girl. I hope to have a few of these made before next winter sets in.
Check out my Etsy shop for these and more.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy Week

I've had a very busy week. My 4 year old Granddaughter has been up for a week long visit with her Grammy and Grampy.
We have visited a litter of Border Collie X Yellow Lab puppies, gone to the beach, to the playground, looked up best friends of Saige's, gone out for lunch with family, had flowers delivered for Saige from her Daddy and much much more. What a great week we've had. And to top it all off, my Grandson Caleb arrived today for the weekend - both Saige and Caleb are thrilled with this arrangement. They are the same age and best of friends.
The two of the are currently comparing their wounds - ( scratches from the playground ) and the most stylish bandaids. Saige thinks her are the best - Barbie and Spiderman bandages. Caleb thinks his are best - Superman and Scooby Doo. Personally I think it is a tie!
Looks to be a fun filled and active weekend. *S*
After looking at these pics - I really need to get some better pics of Caleb - and some closeups of him!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Latest Sold Item

Sales have been slow but I'm hopeful!
I did sell a bonnet yesterday - one I love.
Here it is.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

New Baby Boy Gift Set

This is a Baby Boy's Gift Set that I completed today. The blanket, burp cloth and bib are all made of cotton fabric and lined with Warm and Natural 100% cotton quilt batting.
The front fabric features cowboys, horses, cows and lariats on a red background. Each piece is backed with a medium blue cotton with tiny lighter blue polka dots.
Find it for sale on my Etsy site

Saturday, March 29, 2008

I'll Be Away for a Couple of Days

I am off to London, ON. tomorrow to visit my sweet, little Granddaughter. And my son of course! *S*
I can hardly wait to load up the van and head out. 2 days is not enough, but all I can manage right now. And besides, Saige will be down to spend a couple of days with Grammy and Grampy in April. I can hardly wait. I just hope the weather will cooperate so we can get outside and do some fun things! Like hike Geddes Park, have a picnic at the beach, go to the playground, visit Nana and Papa, and Aunty Sue etc. etc.
So I'll be back on Monday night - see you all then.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Custom Order for Etsy

Another Custom Order for My Etsy Shop

I seem to be having a run on custom orders for bibs. This order was requested to be finished with ties rather than velcro buttons. It takes more time to finish one of these but I think the results were worth it.
The top layer of the bibs is made of vintage chenille. The backs are cozy, cotton, flannel. They are lined
with Warm and Natural.
The first pics are of the front of the bibs, the second is showing the flannel backing on the bibs. Rather than tying in a bow at the back, I've made them to simply tie in a double knot. The fabric is thick enough to make them easy to undo.

These bibs are easy care - simply machine wash/dry.
I hope Sue's Grandchildren enjoy these bibs. I had a lot of fun figuring them out and making them. I always have fun choosing fabrics to go together. Hope the recipient enjoys them!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blizzard March 25th, 2008

Wow - yesterday morning we got up to a gray day. By 8 AM it was getting windy. By 9 AM we were in the midst of a full scale blizzard.

Here are some photo's of our yard. The one of our side gate/entrance I have as a spring picture elsewhere in my blog.
This morning we got up and it was a gorgeous day. Sunny and temperatures were rising fast. Some of this snow is already gone. Now we hope for a few more days of this lovely weather to melt off the rest of the snow hanging around in our yard.
Today, I made the half hour trip to a Mennonite Fabric Shop. Normally I love this trip. I got a half mile down one road only to find it blocked with snow at the other end. With no way to turn around, I had to back my van the full distance back to the County Rd and find another way around to the shop. Traveling over gravel roads made soggy with snow melt, my van almost bogged down on me a couple of times. I ran the gamut of potholes and absolute ditches in my choice of roads but finally made it. Sigh of relief.
I made this trip for my sister - thanks Sue! - who requested some bibs and things for her Grandbaby, to keep at her house so her daughter doesn't have to haul them all the way home when she comes to visit. And to have when her expected Grandchild arrives this summer! Since this shop is only open a couple of days per week, I didn't have much choice in days to travel!
The shop is in an old machine shed, heated by a wood stove and attended by friendly, helpful folk. But good heavens - fabric?? This little Mennonite shop could put Fabricland ( Canadian ) or Joann's ( US ) to shame for the amount and choice of fabric they keep on hand. And their prices cannot be beat anywhere. I came home with 2 yards of extra wide Warm and Natural, about 6 yards of flannel, 2 yards of 100% cotton, and another couple of yards of broadcloth for less than $50. I could spend hours there. They do not have hydro, so every fabric must be carried to one of the few stingy windows to get a true colour, so your visit to this shop is always an adventure. *S*

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Sunday To All

It is a beautiful Easter Sunday here in our little lakeside town in Ontario. The sun is shining - my my Granddaughter calls a "Shiny Day" - and the temperatures are below average, but bearable. The dogs are hot to trot and ready for their walk. I have almost a full days work finished up and it is not yet noon. I have the rest of the day to relax and dream of spring and warm weather and wonderful green grass, green leaves, green plants - can you tell I love the colour green and the warm weather and that spring is my favourite season? *S*
Just to keep us in the mood - here are some garden pics from my yard.
The first picture is of the entrance to our side yard. The arbour was a Mother's Day gift from my sons, the ladder an antique given us by Dale's Father, the bird bath a gift from my own Father.
This second picture is of our back yard - the stone path leading back to the kitchen. I put a lot of hours into that flagstone pathway and although not "quite" level, I am quite proud of it. *VBG*
I hope you all have a wonderful day.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

A Favourite Photo

I promised myself that when I began this blog that I would update it a couple of times a week. I have fallen behind and will now attempt to play catchup!
This is another favourite photo of mine. It was taken by photographer Derek Pantling, featuring Liz and the wonderful woodlands near their home.
To check out more of Derek's work - go to

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

New Bonnets for ON Cottage Way

Here are a few new bonnets. Madison is modeling a bonnet and slippers that she took home with her - her modeling fee! *VBG*

Here is another Red, White and Blue, bonnet - with an abstract Stars and Stripes pattern - and a length of eyelet lace trimming the front of it. it is reversible with a solid blue on the other side.

And my Paw Print bonnet - white paws on a black background. The coordinating fabric is a black polka dot on a white background. This too, is reversible with alternating patterns on the other side.