Thursday, February 25, 2010

Renewals on Etsy

I have updated both my Etsy shops today - as it appears that Dale and Nevada will not be fodder for a tale/tail today. *S*

From my Vintage Shop - Regency Cottage - I have renewed a few items.
This placemat and napkin set is one of my all time favourites. The hand stitching on this set is amazing and would have taken hour upon hour of work.

And we have a vintage hand knit and crocheted Baby Blanket in white and yellow. Being a sometimes knitter I appreciate the time involved in this piece.

And also today - this vintage white and chocolate checked curtain panel.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Home Again

We are home again - have been for a few days and just now getting caught up.
Nevada is hating the cold and snow. ( so am I )
Here are a few pics.

This is Dale's and Nevada's mutual admiration society. I have no idea what they would do without one another. *S*

We actually found my parents old winter home on the canal system in St. Pete's.
And took some pics to show Dad.

Even on a beach in Florida, Nevada found birds to point. Good girl Nevada - all that early training has stuck and she whoaed beautifully when asked so I could take several pics.

And what is a visit anywhere without a Weimaraner, or several of them - and bonus - a passle of puppies.

And finally one of "me". I rarely have pics taken of me as I am normally the one behind the camera rather than in front of it.

I also came home with absolutely piles of fabric - so keep tuned to my Etsy shop for updates in new fabrics, renewals of favourites the occasional sale item.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Nevada Goes to School
The Continuing Escapades of Dale and Nevada

Up the street from our home is the local high school, Kincardine and District Secondary School – grades 9 through 12. Behind us, runs the school field – which over the years has transformed from a football field, to a running track, to a soccer field and is now just a field used for gym classes and a few portable classrooms that accommodate the overflow from the main school.

Throughout the 23 years that we have lived in this house, we have used that field
for working the dogs in obedience, show, planted birds for field work and even done a bit of tracking – after school hours of course. But most often lately, we use it as a safe place to take Nevada for a run off leash so she can expend some energy.

Tonight, after dinner, Dale decided to take Nevada for a run – bitter cold though it is. He agreed that he would only be gone a few minutes, knowing that Nevada’s feet would freeze quite quickly. The two of them bundled up in their snow gear and off they went.

Almost 45 minutes went by and I was beginning to be concerned, wondering where they were, when Dale staggered in, quite obviously betwixt and between himself.
“Nevada’s locked in a portable” he hollered at me – stuttering and stammering. I know I must have had a totally confused look on my face as he hollered the same thing at me again. I started to ask him what he was talking about and he just hollered at me to get the keys for the van. Now I am really confused – what do the van keys have to do with a high school portable classroom and my dog. He sputtered at me long enough for me to understand he was going to chase down one of the school custodians for keys. He races off.

I quickly gear up in my snow clothes. As the crow flies, she is only a couple of hundred feet away, but rather than scaling an 8 foot security fence, I have to take the long route and stumble up the snow covered sidewalk as fast as I can manage, around the corner and through the gate into the school field.

I know immediately which of the 5 portable my girls is in, as I have been hearing her screaming hysterically since I opened the door at home. A crowd is gathering at the door of the main school (there must have been some event at the school this evening) , with them all looking at nervously at the field where the unearthly wailing is occurring. I am sure they think I am a crazy woman as I stagger through the snow and into the field directly at the unidentified screaming. ( have I mentioned what a weenie Nevada is ?) all the time hollering at the top of my lungs I’m coming Nevada, Mommy’s coming”
I stand outside the locked door and talk Nevada into some semblance of normality and she gradually quiets.

The people at school leap out of the way as a blue van comes flying up the street, slides to a stop in the snow and slush, and Dale leaps out madly waving a stick with a key dangling off the end of it. He races past, plants a hand on my chest, to push me out of his way on the trip to the locked door. He fumbles with keys, Nevada is wailing again, I am picking myself up out of the snow and finally – Nevada hurtles out of the open door.

I collar her quickly, snap her lead on and head home, while Dale heads back to the van to take the keys back to the custodian. The group at the high school door disperse rapidly at the advance of the crazy woman and her dog, heading back into the school, only to peer at us through the windows of the closed and locked ( yes I heard the lock snick home ) door.
Anyway, we are now home safe and sound, Nevada is still trying to tell me all about her adventure and Dale is sitting quietly trying to calm his racing heart.

It appears, being the good Samaritan that Dale is, that he had noticed the open door on the portable classroom and went to shut it. It automatically locked when he shut it, not realizing that Nevada had beat him to the punch and was already inside the classroom.
Another disaster diverted and all is well – if a little calamitous in our home.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Nevada's Stick

Nevada has a stick. It is her very favourite stick. It is the very best stick in the whole wide world. No game is as much fun with any other stick. It is Nevada’s stick and has been Nevada’s stick for a long, long time. Rather then drag this stick back and forth to the school field, Dale and Nevada found a safe hiding place for this most precious of sticks. On the way to the field, they stop and pick up the stick. On the way home after their play, they stop and return their stick to its safe hiding place. And so it has gone for over a year now.

Today, Nevada’s stick was almost lost. Not once, but twice. Disaster. Total Disaster.

Nevada must have her stick. And Dale indulges her in every way – even with her stick. Today, after their play time, Dale and Nevada staggered into the house, cold, wet and bedraggled. Dale was in such a dither it took a while for him to be able to explain things to me coherently.

As usual Dale and Nevada had headed out for their walk and play time. And as usual on the way the field, they stopped to pick up Nevada’s Stick from it’s safe place. Then they continued on to the school, and behind the school where there is a small field to play. Here, the stick throwing commenced.

Eventually, somehow, the stick went down the steep embankment, which sloped toward the Penetangore River. Nevada flew over the bank – quite safely – and proceeded to search out her stick. She searched and searched, growing more and more frantic with each passing moment. It was nowhere to be found and she refused to leave without her stick. Eventually, Dale gave way and headed down the embankment – not quite so safely as Nevada had, tumbling head over heels till he reached the bottom. He oriented himself and stumbled to his feet. He and Nevada then continued to search out Nevada’s Stick, eventually finding it. Nevada, happy as a lark at this development, bounded up the embankment. Dale was not so lucky and it took several attempts to gain the brim of the “hole” as he now calls it. He started up several times only to fall back the steep, rough embankment. He finally worked his way round to a stand of trees and hauled himself up, bit by bit, with trees and branches. After stumbling round, puffing and panting, he eventually regained his breath and the stick game continued – with Dale carefully NOT throwing it near the embankment and Nevada gleefully racing after it.

But danger lurked everywhere today for Nevada’s Stick. After a few throws, the stick bounced and on the rebound, landed in a dumpster. An almost empty dumpster. At the very bottom of an almost empty dumpster. Nevada of course did everything but leap inside after her stick (Nevada, for those that don’t know her is extremely agile – even for a Weim ) Dale held her back and went to investigate himself.

He peered over the edge of the dumpster and way, way, down, at the very bottom was Nevada’s Stick. He couldn’t reach it – not even close. But upon further investigation, he discovered a bit of a ledge. He stepped up on this ledge and leaned over. He was much closer to reaching Nevada’s Stick, but couldn’t quite get his fingers on it. He helfted himself up just a tiny bit more, reached, almost had it, strained just a wee bit further, had his fingers on it, lost his balance and went head first into the dumpster, amongst the bits and pieces of garbage and rubbish.

Dale got to his feet. Nevada’s Stick grasped firmly in his fist and peered out. Nevada of course is sitting back watching these strange goings on with great curiosity, head cocked and eyes very wide. She is not about to leave until she has her stick clamped firmly between her teeth.

There is no ledge to step up on inside the dumpster and after many tries, Dale realizes he is stuck inside the garbage bin. He just isn’t agile enough anymore to swing his leg up and over the top. Starting to panic and with no help in sight, he gets steadily more agitated. He is out of sight, behind the school. No one was within shouting distance. No one knew where he was. No one could be expected at the school until Monday morning. (this was Sat. afternoon) Finally reason kicked in and he started piling the little bits and pieces of garbage in a corner until he had enough of a pile to stand on and haul himself out of there. He did finally get out, stick in hand, with Nevada waiting impatiently “on the other side”. Rather dirty and stinky, wet, cold and bedraggled, they staggered toward home, stopping only to put the stick safely back into it’s safe hiding place.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Roses in the Snow

I can hardly believe it. A sweet little rose bush in my garden has buds on it and actual blooms.
In freezing temperatures, with a skiff of snow, in Canada, in December.
And YES - that white centre in the one rose is snow!

You can see the little skiff of snow on the ground beside the rosebush.

This little Miniature Rose Bush was an Easter gift from my Granddaughter. I planted it once all danger of frost was past and then it was pretty much ignored for the remainder of the summer. But it grew and grew and grew. Much bigger than your average Miniature Rose Bush. And now all the buds and blossums. I am so impressed with this little plant.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

New Items - Finally

Finally - I have had time to do some designing and some finishing! And of course listing. Can't sell items that I don't have time to list!!

First item is a new baby bonnet in a wonderful turquoise with primary coloured accents. I absolutely adore this bonnet.

Another bonnet - again in turquoise, but with retro flowers and polka dots this time.
This is such a darling little bonnet.

And a hand crocheted baby blanket worked in a shell pattern, finished in dc and with sweet
little tassels on the corners. How very warm and cozy.
And lastly a new baby blanket with a vintage inspired fabric in a circus pattern on a bright, sunny, yellow background. This blanket is framed and backed in a yellow and white check cotton flannel, and lined with Warm and Natural.

Please check out my shop for many more items, sale items and OOAK items for the little one in your life.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Bathing Nevada

Nevada hears the dreaded "B" word and races into hiding. She figures if she can't see us - we can't see her.

Hiding didn't work - so she tries out her very most pathetic and beaten look. Adding a little shivering and shaking into the mix to try and guilt us out of her bath. Add a little limp noodle and top it off with a rigid ball to be truly pathetic.

But nothing workes - Dale gets her cornered and collars her. She is absolutely horrified by this indignity.

NO NO NO - Please don't take me - don't bath me - HELP HELP HELP
For heaven's sake - somebody help and get that idiot with the camera away from me!!!

Nevada is absolutely beaten, all her tricks have failed her and she is led away to the tub for the dreaded BATH.
But she was rewarded afterward with a lovely run on the beach.

Anyone looking at this and not knowing our Nevada would think we beat her on a daily basis, when in reality she is probably the world's most spoiled dog.
She is currently stretched out in front of the fireplace with Dale tossing her treats whenever she raises her head!
My - how boring life would be without Nevada.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I have spent the past few days playing catch up. Being hospitalized, even overnight, plays havoc with schedules. But I think I have finally caught up and am back on track now.

I finished these Christmas Stockings on Thursday and am very pleased with the results. The fabric and an old Christmas stocking to use for a pattern, was supplied by the client and I was simply told to "play with the fabric" and see what happened. Which I did. For the girls I added bits of antique lace, for the boys I made piping of contrasting fabrics.

The same client also came up with some favourite fabric of her daughters and asked me to make a couple of cushions out of the fabric. Again I was quite pleased with the results.

I had enough fabric to make 2 cushions - one is 14" square and the other 20" square. They should make a colourful addition to her daughters bedroom - a southern gal born into Canadian winters. Hopefully these cushions will warm her up in the cold months to come!!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Day at the Tub

For those that are not local or have never traveled to the Tub, it is a village on the tip of the Bruce Penninsula of Lake Huron, otherwise known as Tobermory. Also where the Chi-cheemaun, ferries people across to Manitoulin Island.

Nevada Runs on Water

View from the Observation Tower at Fathom's Five National Park

Dale and Nevada following the seche on Singing Sands beach.

Singing Sands beach is one of the few in Canada that have a seche - a tide on a fresh water lake that activates with the weather. In this picture we had to walk almost a quarter mile to reach the water as the seche was out. When it comes in - it travels fast we have been chased off the beach more than once by the seche.

And now - back to work

I've been a tad under the weather the past few days so haven't listed anything new in my Etsy shops, but I have re-listed a few items. Here are a couple of them.

Here is a sweet little set of hand crocheted, all cotton baby washcloths to be found on my site

This is a sweet little crocheted blanket I made for my shop, worked in a Granny Square with colours of sand and blue. Perfect for bringing baby home

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Regency Cottage

I finally broke down and started to destash my vintage fabric and textiles. I was simply running out of room.
And so, Regency Cottage was born.
You can find us here:

Evey vintage item I list on my Etsy shop, breaks my heart a little.
And when it sells and I have to package it up and ship it out, it is all they can do at the post office to get it away from me to measure and weigh the package. Sometimes it almost develops into a tug of war. I"m sure they think I'm just a wee bit odd. LOL

Here are a few of the items I've sold.

Monday, October 12, 2009

More Warm and Cozy Winter Hats

Well - I have finally done it. Crocheted myself into a combination of Tendonitis in my left hand and Carpal Tunnel in my right. But I can't seem to just sit and and watch TV. Or even just sit and chat. I have to be doing something with my hands at all times. Here is an example of the children's hats I have knit and crocheted the past few weeks.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Skullcaps and Stuff

I have been busy crocheting these days. I seem to go in fits and starts are my many venues. My sewing machine is sitting idle, my knitting needles silent but my crochet hook is moving fast. I have made and listed several skullcaps on my Etsy shop the past while. These are all one of a kind OOAK as I use no pattern and different yarns for each. Sizes range from baby ( under 6 months ) to adult. To check out more, log on to and look in the "sections" for knit and crochet.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

My Listing for the Day

I found this really sweet fabric on Etsy with Texas Longhorns and Cowboys. I always have a hard time finding fabric suitable to make those special things for little boys and here was a great opportunity. It consists of a crib size blanket, burpee, large bib,m small bib, toy tether and pacifier lead. The blanket, burpee and bibs are topped with the funky fabric, lined with warm and natural and backed with cozy flannel. Come visit my shop for more pics or go direct to the item at

Monday, September 28, 2009

Veteran's Day Parade

Yesterday, our town held it's annual Veteran's Day Parade. My Dad is always in this parade. At 86 he is the oldest surviving Veteran from the RCAF in our area.
My I present Pilot Officer Kenneth H. Linklater.