Thursday, February 28, 2008

Custom Order for Etsy

Nice - another custom order for my Etsy shop. This one was for a mutual friend, so I added a couple of things and then shipped it off to little baby Abigail.
This is a great little spring bonnet made with 2 different, coordinating yellow cottons. The fabric was chosen by the "gifter". *S*
It is made from a vintage pattern that
I have re-worked to suit myself.

These are little slippers I made from the fabric scraps remaining from the bonnet. Nice little slip on slippers with a touch of elastic around the heel to help keep them in place.
A pattern I purchased from greenjelly, but again, re -worked to suit myself. Why am I continually re-working pattern so suit myself? I am never satisfied, it seems. *S*

And I had to include a couple of my bibs, made with vintage chenille and backed with cozy cotton flannel.
I used little velcro buttons as fasteners.
Baby Abigail - hope you like your little
surprise package!

Friday, February 15, 2008

Storm Warnings

I guess Nevada was appropriately named -
CH.Styrlinsanz Storm Surge JH. NSD. CGC. TDI
- she is certainly bringing in the weather this year and she lives within inches of the fireplace! I don't have any snowy pics of Nevada but here is a good one of her. She should have been a southern gal. She shivers and shakes all winter long - even with a cozy winter coat on.

And here is Sophie -
CH. Styrlingsanz Chanting the Dawn CD. CGC. TDI
Again - no snow pics available. Sophie is Nevada's Great Granny and is the most wonderful girl. She is a 2X's cancer survivor and a hepatitis surviver. All the specialists told us that she would not survive her 5th year. She is now 10 years young and counting. She has a huge heart and more determination than any dog I have ever known - in her own sweet, undemanding way.

Today is a day to stay indoors and snuggle in before the fireplace. I think I'll move only to make a Shepherds Pie for dinner.

Now - for ON Cottage Way. I have added the bonnets and plan to play with some more patterns for other styles today. I have played with my avatar and banner in my shop and reverted back to my original. I have been told that it is not colourful enough. :>(
So keep checking and see what I eventually come up with.
You all have a great day!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Well today I tried - all day - to re-design my Etsy shop - new avatar, new banner, new updated announcements etc. I spent the entire day on this and reverted to my old avatar and old banner. I kept only my new announcement.
Frustrating when you are not entirely computer literate and struggle to do these things. Oh well - tomorrow is another day - right?? *S*

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

SALE - at ON Cottage Way

OK folks, I have a sale going on in my Etsy shop. Go to my shop located at
and under sections - select "sale". I have either drastically reduced these items OR I am offering free shipping on them. The items with free shipping is noted in the subject line.
Hope you drop on by!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Spring Bonnets for Babies

I found an old vintage pattern for baby bonnets. I re-worked it a bit to suit my way of doing things - I am never satisfied with a pattern and always add my own twist. *S*
There a few styles of bonnets in this pattern - this is the first of the patterns. The outside layer is a great cotton print with a small floral pattern. The inside is lined with a cozy cream coloured vintage chenille.

This is another I made of the same pattern - second of half a dozen of them! This one is a soft sage green with an all over small floral pattern. Again, lined with vintage chenille.
I love these bonnets - so sweet for little girls.
The ties I made of fabric to match the outer layer. I personally like the fabric ties rather than ribbon ties - so muc softer on babies skin!
Check these out on my Etsy site soon.

Monday, February 11, 2008


I thought maybe it was time that I introduced my Grandkids, Caleb and Saige.
Both are 4 years old. Caleb started school last year but Saige missed out on JK by less than a month. These two are the lights of my life and the very reason I began sewing for kids again after all these years. So any inspiration I had for my Etsy shop I can grant to my sweet little Grandkids.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

ON Cottage Way Now on Facebook

My niece, Mandy, started up a Facebook page for my ON Cottage Way shop to help me try to get things rolling. Please check it out.
On Facebook, Mandy has added a lot of pics of things I have made for her over the years, as well as pics of things I have made for her brand new daughter - my Great Niece - Madison Sue Christine!
Madison is 2 months old now and such a little sweetheart. Time for another visit Mandy so I can get my Madison "fix".
Love you both!! And John too!
I guess you and Madison will be the first of my family that I introduce on my Blog. I will add more soon.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Custom Order for Etsy

This is a custom order via my Etsy site
They are 4 small bibs, made with vintage chenille, lined with Warm and Natural and backed with a cozy, cotton flannel. They are fastened by a small velcro button.
I joined Etsykids today and had a great time looking over their site and blog. What wonderful imagination for children's items. And so well made. I look forward to participating in their forums and getting to know other Etsians .