Tuesday, July 8, 2008

My New Walkway

I finally - after 4 years - got my flagstone walkway finished. My boys were both home last weekend and since I had recently acquired a pile of flagstone, decided to finish my walkway for me. I am absolutely thrilled!

The beginning!!!
This first pic is of Wade and Wyatt trying to find the easiest way to adjoin the old sidewalk to the new one - there was a bit of a dip and caused a wee bit of consternation!

Here is Wyatt fitting the pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle. Good job.
Wyatt is my "heat seeker" and can work through any sort of heat and humidity.

Here is Wade - my "Non Heat Seeker" trying to find a tiny patch of shade and fitting in one of the final filler pieces. I think the heat and humidity was getting to him!

And here is Tina - Wyatt's significant other - she apears to be acting in a supervisory capacity!
Me - I was relaxing on the deck with a cold drink, occasionally tossing in tidbits of what I thought the sidewalk should look like - although I mostly just left them to it - I was so happy just to be getting it done. Thanks guys - great job. Love you both.

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