Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wyatt and Tina's First Home

Well - a week ago today, Wyatt took possession of his first home, great little Victorian on almost 2 acres. halfway between Kincardine and Port Elgin. A short shot down to work for Wyatt and for Tina less than 15 minutes to Port Elgin to work.

They've had their hands full in the past week, moving, grass cutting, weed whacking, unpacking and of course figuring out the idiocyncrasies of old farmhouses - of which there are many. I should know - I've lived in enough of them!

I'll add one inside picture - just to show what a sweet little gem this house really is. All open concept - unusual in a home of this age, original hardwood floors and lots of windows to let in that bright natural light. Welcome home Wyatt and Tina!

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Suzie said...

looks like a great place.