Sunday, September 14, 2008

Our Sweet Sophie

CH. Styrlingsanz Chanting the Dawn CD. CGC. TDI
June 13, 1997 to September 3, 2008

On Wednesday September 3, 2008 we lost our sweet Sophie.

When we got up that morning, we found she did not have have the use of any of her legs. The diagnosis was a problem with a disc in her neck. We and our vet worked with her throughout the day but nothing was going to get our sweet girl back on her feet. We made the decision to help her on her way to the Bridge late that afternoon.

For those that do not know our Sophie, she was diagnosed with terminal cancer in June of 2002. At that time she had a baseball sized tumour removed from the outside wall of her tummy AND 2/3rds of her stomach removed as well.
So after months of diagnostic tests, 2 major invasive surgeries, we finally received a diagnosis of "We're sorry, but the best we can offer you is 10 to 12 months with Sophie - her diagnosis is terminal Gastric Scirrhous Adeno Carcinoma." There were no treatment options.

My vet and I researched cancer diets and converted one that we thought would work for Sophie. With this home cooked diet and supplements, we gained not just the 10 months with her, but 6 more years.

She had other problems over the years, surviving cancer one more time when a mast cell took off and hepatitis, among miriad other doggie ailments.

This last about did us in. Waking and finding her so helpless, seeing her so upset and anxious and confused, trying so hard to get on her feet and being unable to, with the help of our vet - a lifelong friend of Sopie's and a dear friend to us as well, we made that final decision.

In one three day show in Owen Sound, when Sophie was just 2 years old, she earned 9 points toward her Canadian Championship and her 3 legs to give her the CD ( Companion Dog Obedience Title). This is hard on a dog, to change venues mid-stride and change focus and concentration. Sophie just did what needed to be done, with her usual grace, determination and desire to please. What a grand girl. She earned that final point to give her the CH. title a few months later in London - the very next show she attended.
A couple of years later, she also earned - on her first try, her CGC - Canine Good Citizen and her TDI - Therapy Dog International Titles. Sophie raised 2 wonderful litters of pups and was a superb Mother. The dog on the right hand side of the blog - Hoss - is one of her sons.
Sophie had more strength and determination, more heart and soul than anyone or anydog I have ever known. It was such a pleasure having her in our lives. Gentle journey Sweet Sophia.
You will live on in our hearts.

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DJ said...

So sorry for your loss! You wrote a beautiful tribute and I'm sure she will always be with you in spirit.