Thursday, February 28, 2008

Custom Order for Etsy

Nice - another custom order for my Etsy shop. This one was for a mutual friend, so I added a couple of things and then shipped it off to little baby Abigail.
This is a great little spring bonnet made with 2 different, coordinating yellow cottons. The fabric was chosen by the "gifter". *S*
It is made from a vintage pattern that
I have re-worked to suit myself.

These are little slippers I made from the fabric scraps remaining from the bonnet. Nice little slip on slippers with a touch of elastic around the heel to help keep them in place.
A pattern I purchased from greenjelly, but again, re -worked to suit myself. Why am I continually re-working pattern so suit myself? I am never satisfied, it seems. *S*

And I had to include a couple of my bibs, made with vintage chenille and backed with cozy cotton flannel.
I used little velcro buttons as fasteners.
Baby Abigail - hope you like your little
surprise package!

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