Friday, February 15, 2008

Storm Warnings

I guess Nevada was appropriately named -
CH.Styrlinsanz Storm Surge JH. NSD. CGC. TDI
- she is certainly bringing in the weather this year and she lives within inches of the fireplace! I don't have any snowy pics of Nevada but here is a good one of her. She should have been a southern gal. She shivers and shakes all winter long - even with a cozy winter coat on.

And here is Sophie -
CH. Styrlingsanz Chanting the Dawn CD. CGC. TDI
Again - no snow pics available. Sophie is Nevada's Great Granny and is the most wonderful girl. She is a 2X's cancer survivor and a hepatitis surviver. All the specialists told us that she would not survive her 5th year. She is now 10 years young and counting. She has a huge heart and more determination than any dog I have ever known - in her own sweet, undemanding way.

Today is a day to stay indoors and snuggle in before the fireplace. I think I'll move only to make a Shepherds Pie for dinner.

Now - for ON Cottage Way. I have added the bonnets and plan to play with some more patterns for other styles today. I have played with my avatar and banner in my shop and reverted back to my original. I have been told that it is not colourful enough. :>(
So keep checking and see what I eventually come up with.
You all have a great day!

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