Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Day at the Tub

For those that are not local or have never traveled to the Tub, it is a village on the tip of the Bruce Penninsula of Lake Huron, otherwise known as Tobermory. Also where the Chi-cheemaun, ferries people across to Manitoulin Island.

Nevada Runs on Water

View from the Observation Tower at Fathom's Five National Park

Dale and Nevada following the seche on Singing Sands beach.

Singing Sands beach is one of the few in Canada that have a seche - a tide on a fresh water lake that activates with the weather. In this picture we had to walk almost a quarter mile to reach the water as the seche was out. When it comes in - it travels fast we have been chased off the beach more than once by the seche.

And now - back to work

I've been a tad under the weather the past few days so haven't listed anything new in my Etsy shops, but I have re-listed a few items. Here are a couple of them.

Here is a sweet little set of hand crocheted, all cotton baby washcloths to be found on my site

This is a sweet little crocheted blanket I made for my shop, worked in a Granny Square with colours of sand and blue. Perfect for bringing baby home

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