Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Blizzard March 25th, 2008

Wow - yesterday morning we got up to a gray day. By 8 AM it was getting windy. By 9 AM we were in the midst of a full scale blizzard.

Here are some photo's of our yard. The one of our side gate/entrance I have as a spring picture elsewhere in my blog.
This morning we got up and it was a gorgeous day. Sunny and temperatures were rising fast. Some of this snow is already gone. Now we hope for a few more days of this lovely weather to melt off the rest of the snow hanging around in our yard.
Today, I made the half hour trip to a Mennonite Fabric Shop. Normally I love this trip. I got a half mile down one road only to find it blocked with snow at the other end. With no way to turn around, I had to back my van the full distance back to the County Rd and find another way around to the shop. Traveling over gravel roads made soggy with snow melt, my van almost bogged down on me a couple of times. I ran the gamut of potholes and absolute ditches in my choice of roads but finally made it. Sigh of relief.
I made this trip for my sister - thanks Sue! - who requested some bibs and things for her Grandbaby, to keep at her house so her daughter doesn't have to haul them all the way home when she comes to visit. And to have when her expected Grandchild arrives this summer! Since this shop is only open a couple of days per week, I didn't have much choice in days to travel!
The shop is in an old machine shed, heated by a wood stove and attended by friendly, helpful folk. But good heavens - fabric?? This little Mennonite shop could put Fabricland ( Canadian ) or Joann's ( US ) to shame for the amount and choice of fabric they keep on hand. And their prices cannot be beat anywhere. I came home with 2 yards of extra wide Warm and Natural, about 6 yards of flannel, 2 yards of 100% cotton, and another couple of yards of broadcloth for less than $50. I could spend hours there. They do not have hydro, so every fabric must be carried to one of the few stingy windows to get a true colour, so your visit to this shop is always an adventure. *S*

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