Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Baby Blankets of Vintage Chenille

I love to work with vintage items - and many/most of those items to date are children's items. Probably due to the influx of 2 Grandbabies 4 years ago. I love to make unique and unusual baby blankets of vintage chenille &/or today's cotton fabrics - most often a combination of the two. Some are strictly today's lovely fabrics but the ones I would like to post today are a combination of vintage chenille and today's cottons. I use a cotton or chenille for the top of the blanket, line it with Warm and Natural batting and back it with either cotton flannel or broadcloth. Here are a few examples.

This one is a lovely new blue toile, but bordered with a great warm white vintage chenille.

This is made from a piece of a lovely vintage chenille bedspread - lovely warm white with soft pastel flowers over the pattern of it.

One more of a cotton cottage floral pattern, bordered by a lovely straight line vintage chenille.

These items and many others can be found at my Etsy shop ON Cottage, Way, unless they have been sold after this was posted.

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