Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sweet Pea

Sweet Peas - are either a wild, climbing, flowering vine - or my old Weimaraner Sadie, whose nickname was Sweet Pea.
A friend was visiting from Texas a few weeks ago. She very much admired the wild Sweet Peas that were growing and climbing in my yard. I picked some pods for her to take home to plant in her own garden. She forgot to take them and I keep forgetting to send them.
The other day I went out and picked a few more pods to add to the collection and planned to package them up and mail them today. I had them sitting on my desk beside the computer monitor. Last night, I guess they decided that enough was enough. All the pods burst within seconds of one another - pop, pop, pop. Well - that made me sit and pay attention. But when the seeds came bulleting out of the pods and pelleted everything in sight, I ducked. They were pinging off the walls, the TV, the computer and my forehead.
Were they just ready to pop - or was it a message from my Sadie?

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