Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pics From Pants

Today I want to introduce some favourite photographs taken by one of my favourite photographers - Derek Pantling.

Traditionally, rock cairns are carefully designed rock monuments, that safely guide travelers on their journey. Today they are often seen as purely decorative rock monuments.
These photographs were taken by a friend - Derek Pantling - he has some lovely work on his website:
Take the time to check it out - besides photography, Derek also has music and poetry on his site.

This is another favourite of mine from Derek's work. Having bird dogs, Weimaraners, I gotta love game birds. And this is a great photo that shows a lot of detail.
I'm not much at critiquing photography. I simply know and understand what appeals to me, personally and I love this one.

Another day I'll post some more of Derek's work. Perhaps some abstracts??


lucinda said...

hi there its me

I have been thinking of getting a weimaraner - do they get along with other dogs???

Link said...

Hello lucindasdesigns!
Weims are wonderful dogs.
But they are extremely energetic and must have a lot of exercise. I have never had a problem with my dogs getting along with other dogs. I will email you privately with my main email addy with more info.

Dede Ariyanto said...

Wow your blog interesting for me....can i am intrudaction with you.....i am from Indonesia and don't forget see my blog

Link said...

Hello Dede Ariyanto
Thank you for visiting my blog. I had a look at yours and found it interesting. I hope you come back and visit my blog often. *S*