Monday, January 28, 2008

New Item for Etsy

Hm - topic for today. I've missed a couple of days looking after Nevada - I am happy to report she is doing well after her surgery. Otherwise I have been busy working on more items to list on Etsy. I've begun knitting totes/purses/bags, whatever you care to call them, out of recycled fabric and odd bits and pieces of yarn. I've added embellishments to them, such as beads, charms, bits of decorative charms etc. Things that I have in my seemingly never ending store of crafting supplies. Here is a picture of one of them.
These have been fun to make and a good use of otherwise defunct supplies. This one is actually made of strips of my younger sons flannel jammy bottoms. Some leftover pieces of yarn and some beads, twine, and purse handle left over from another project.

Look for this and other new items on my Etsy site soon -

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