Thursday, January 24, 2008

Nevada's Day

Nevada did not have a very good day today. It started with no breaky and no drink. She raced back and forth between her crate and the kitchen a dozen times trying to tell us that we forgot her breaky! We ignored her. Today was the day that Nevada was spayed. No food or drink for this girl today. I tried to explain this to her, but her only concern was for her empty tummy.

About 8:15 I put Sophie in her crate and loaded Nevada into the van. Once at the vet clinic, they installed the two of us in the “green room”. My vet came in and did her thing

checking Nevada out and weighing her etc. Then came back and gave Nevada her pre-anesthetic. Within minutes Nevada was weaving and dipping. I convinced her to lie down and relax. Now Nevada is a very chilly girl and is always cold in the winter – she dreams of being a “South’rn Gal”. My vet, knowing Nevada is a bit of a wuss, came in with a pile of blankies and heat packs for between her paws. When under anesthetic dogs lose their ability to shiver, and although we know they get chilled under anesthetic, it is hard to determine just how cold they are. The best way of keeping a dog warm is to keep the tootsies toasty. So – Nevada had heat packs to keep her comfy.

A few minutes later we went in for her pre-op. She staggered down the hall and then allowed herself to be lifted onto the table. I helped prep her for surgery. Eventually she was ready to go. I saw her into surgery, watched them tuck hot packs around her chilly little body, put socks on her paws, cover her any parts of her that didn't need to be exposed and put a big cushy foam underneath her. She was ready for surgery. At this point I left. I didn’t want to see that first incision made and didn’t want to push my luck. I know it is unusual to be allowed even that far into the procedure. An hour later my vet called and Nevada was fine. An hour after that she was ready to come home. I enlisted Dale's help to sit with her in the back of the van and keep her quiet - he also came in handy for lifting her into and out of the van! She has since been on a big pile of blankies beside my computer chair, with a couple more blankies piled on top and tucked around her feet and head. She has a pillow under her weary little head and she is still a little anxious – whining if she opens her eyes and doesn’t see one of us in her immediate field of vision. After a couple of trips outside, into snow up to my knees, she showed me that all functions in the back end are in working order. All is well for tonight.

Tomorrow AM we head back to the clinic for another check of temp, the incision and another shot of pain meds. Then she should be good to go till her 7 day check up.

Nevada is a little perturbed though - why didn't she get pink sutures like her friend Spirit did?

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