Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Story Behind ON Cottage Way

ON Cottage Way came about many years ago, because of my love of all art mediums. My hands just have to keep busy. I made so many things, we were going to pushed out of our home by the piles of completed projects. I began at that point to set up a retail space at craft shows. I needed a name for my vendor's space and after much debate,
ON Cottage Way was created.
Now, my husband and I live in a original Ontario Cottage, that as far as we can determine was built in the mid 1800's . This styleof home is often called an Ontario Cottage Style or Regency Cottage. So - ON is the abbreviation of Ontario, Cottage from the style of our beloved little home and Way - as a substitute for Style. Thus - ON Cottage Way.

Ours is a quaint little house in the midst of a lakeside town in Ontario. In this little house I have raised my sons and now enjoy my young Grandchildren, enjoyed my dogs, created a cottage garden that I love to pieces and is a forever ongoing project, and crafted to my hearts content.

Over the years I have drawn, painted, made anything and everything possible on a sewing machine, purchased and learned to use power tools for wood craft products, I knit and crochet, weave rag rugs, etc. etc. etc.

After my years of craft shows, I started on Ebay. Then graduated to Etsy. I love Etsy - so easy to use, so easy to shop and wonderful handmade products. I am just now trying to get my Etsy shop up and running.

My Etsy address is
Please drop around and visit sometime.

I also love to cook - sooner or later I will include recipes on this blog. Most that have come about as being created simply by whatever I happened to have in the house.

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